More Dolls More Fun: Room for two more.

More Dolls More Fun:  Room for two more.

This past spring I had the pleasure of taking part in my first auction.  I read about it in the local newspaper and decided to go for it.  Among the things to be auctioned were dolls , doll houses, and doll house miniatures. I was super excited about the experience and showed up about 20 minutes early to get  feel for what I was about to embark on.

I arrived with my heart on my sleeve.   I asked the cashier  if there were any dolls in the lot – just to make sure .  She told me she thought so and as a matter of fact there were and directed me towards the auction area encouraging me to look around before they set up.   There were box lots full of all kinds of stuff.   Everything from jewelry,  ceramics, dolls ( including these two),  doll house furniture and porcelain figurines.   I could not wait for everything to get started and had already taken a mental note of the things I would bid on.

I noticed these two dolls right away.   The larger doll with the closed eyes caught my attention the most.  I wondered what brand it was and was impressed by the realist features.   I decided that I was not interested in bidding on them because they were big dolls and  would take up too much space.  Besides, I thought it would be better to go for the doll house furniture that there seemed to be an never-ending supply of.

The bidding made my head spin.  I wasn’t sure when to jump in and when to give up.  People were winning huge box lots on the cheap.   This event drew in antique dealers while I was just there for the thrill of the hunt.  There was a difference between us.   I wasn’t at all interested when it came time to bid on the box lot containing these two bunchkins so I didn’t raise my hand.

The person who bid on them had no competition so he won instantaneously.   When break-time rolled around people went off to get drinks, snacks , and just strike up friendly conversations.    I started one with the gentleman who won the dolls.  I could not help myself and went on and on about my doll collecting passion and that I love anything doll related.    He smiled asked me if I wanted these guys because he was not going to “do anything with them”.

And just like that , I became a dolly mom for the umpteenth time and it feels GREAT. I love these guys and am so happy to have them .  They are fun to dress, go on walks with and look at just because.    I’m not sure what the brand of the larger doll is but the smaller doll is the Drowsy Baby Doll from the seventies.  I had the African- American version as a child .   It was a great doll then as it is now.   The dolly stars aligned on that warm spring day . These dolls were a gift that I could not refuse.  Just when I thought my collection was full to capacity- I found there is room to love two more.






More Dolls More Fun: Glorious Grooming Rituals.

More Dolls More Fun: Glorious Grooming Rituals.

A warm embrace.  That is what it feels like to re- read Treasury of German Dolls  Album 1 by Lydia Richter.    I love this book because it is chock-full of history,  photos and beautiful costuming.    The first chapter of the book inspired me to write this article.    It describes doll collectors as “protectors”.   Men and women who preserve dolls from destruction in a joyous way.   I could not have said this better myself.   Doll grooming is a labor of love.   It is work that I enjoy.  No matter how busy my life becomes time is always set aside for grooming .   It gives me great pleasure to perform the task of grooming .  The end result – beautiful dolls of all shapes and hues on display.

These rituals remind me of Saturday mornings in my mother’s kitchen when she would wash and style my hair for the upcoming week.    She was often very silent during these time- concentrating on creating something that looked beautiful .  She would press and curl one week and have my hair braided up with colorful beads the next.    My clothes were always washed and  pressed.   Old shoes were polished to look new again.   And a kid -sized purse “criss-crossed” around me to complete the look.

The best part of collecting is the maintenance as far as I am concerned.  Especially if the doll was pre-loved and in need of a little TLC.    I always start off by washing the doll/s in a sink full of warm soapy water.   Dove soap is my favorite after a thorough cleaning with an anti-bacterial hand soap.   Next I wash each dolls hair in Suave Naturals Conditioner.    Washing in conditioner helps the hair to shine and bounce back to it’s original freshness like when they were first purchased.  I choose Suave products because I use this them on my own hair.  And what is good for dolly is also good for me.

I have no shortage of clothing for my dolls and everything is hand washed in cool water and laid flat to dry to keep the colors bright and exciting.  Each dolls outfit is carefully planned to compliment his or her personality.     Pictured above are some of the dolls that have been groomed to perfection .   Aren’t they gorgeous ?   There is something very meditative about grooming.   It is a very calm and peaceful time.  Grooming allows one to tap into the sense of creativity we all possess.  I hope you enjoy your next grooming session as much I will.   Until then have a fantastic day and keep playing with dolls.

More Dolls More Fun: Sibahle Collection Zuri Doll Venus Vibes.

More Dolls More Fun: Sibahle Collection Zuri  Doll Venus Vibes.

The Sibahle Doll Company has done it again.  This is Zuri, my third doll from this awesome collection. She is 14 inches of pure love and joy.  Zuri means “beautiful” in the Swahili language.  Everything about this doll is beautiful.  She represents people with albinism which is a skin disorder where there is very little to no pigmentation or melanin in the skin.   This company created a doll that shows the uniqueness of a person with this physical characteristic.  She has 4 C afro hair that may be shampooed, conditioned, and styled in any creative manner.  It is the perfect edition to any doll collection and especially great for children to learn to maintain this grade of hair.  I must say once again that I am in love.   The doll arrived 1 day earlier than expected which made me ecstatic.  (kudos to their customer service .)

I could not help but purchase three extra outfits that were on sale and a book from the Sibahle doll shop online.  All outfits are modern with a touch of bold print trim to express African culture.   The book is full of bright images and eloquently tells a story of friendship and inclusion.    This company is promoting literacy which is something I am all for.   Books are a great past time.   I remember what it was like to receive one as a gift in childhood.  It made me feel grown up and accomplished.  My parents constantly encouraged me to read on my own .  I would read to family, friends , and of course my dolls for entertainment.  The books in this collection are so amazing that I can totally see them made into a cartoon series.  Yes, they are just that special.

I am truly proud and honored to support this doll company.  It is black owned and operated – making it my top pick for “go to ” shops to support this coming Kwanzaa holiday season.  Well,  we all know that there does not have to be a special occasion to buy a great doll.  Every time I buy a doll it is a celebration- just because.  And I celebrate this company and wish them nothing but the best for years to come.



More Dolls More Fun : Ms. Constance gets a new dress.

More Dolls More Fun : Ms. Constance gets a new dress.

My dear sweet Constance has been waiting patiently for a new dress.  A new article of clothing makes anyone feel more special than they truly are.   I purchased this Parian doll after watching an episode on the Theriaults channel on YouTube.   I love this channel.  It is inspiring and informative- truly a gem for any collector.   I had never heard of Parian dolls and was immediately smitten with their classic look and had to have one.  Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of a great deal offered by a seller online.  Ms. Constance was available on “the cheap” because she is not only a reproduction but would be coming home with no clothes or shoes.   I don’t mind a pre-loved doll with no clothing and that is way I swooped down the offer .   Before today , I had only one dress in my stash that fit her nicely.  She has been wearing that dress for months and is pleased to make her debut looking as lovely as a spring day.     I love this doll.  She is such fun to dress and lights up the room she is displayed in.   Happy Sunday to all and thanks for reading my post.

More Dolls More Fun.

More Dolls More Fun.

Doll, dolls, dolls.   I have always loved them.   As a child I adored them and still do.  Up until the age of 19 I possessed every doll ever gifted to me.   They were well loved and taken care of .  Of this I prided myself and was naturally devastated when someone else decided I was too old to have them.     But now ,  I am pleased to say that I am an avid adult doll collector.   I collect all kinds of dolls.  New ones, old ones, rescues , you name it.  I love them all.   They bring great happiness and open me up to express myself creatively.   My love of doll collecting has helped me to explore talents as a photographer, hair stylist, and some what of a seamstress ( need more practice).   Thanks to You Tube I am able to connect to other adult collectors through creative content.   I am comfortable knowing that I am not alone in my passion for collecting.  I even drummed up enough courage to start my own channel as a way to share my enthusiasm for this hobby as well as art work inspired by my babies.    My channel , ” More Dolls More Fun”  features reviews of new dolls and their creators,  honorary salutes to pioneers in the doll world, and fun music videos starring the girls and guys in my collection.   Stop by for a positive dolly experience and enjoy the show.

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I really like this bog. It makes me feel human.

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